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"Thoroughly enjoyed Jay Beckley’s presentation. I will take a lot from this presentation back to school".


"It was great as it reinforced things happening in the classroom and gave ways to improve what we are doing".


"As I am new to Teacher Aiding I found the day very informative. I have new knowledge to work with. It also reinforced what we are doing".


"Understanding behaviour, tools to help understand behaviour. Awareness of the ABC model. Management of behaviours – very helpful". 


"It was my first PD session and it was amazing. So informative and helpful".


"Good insight to behaviours and ways to manage".


"Insight into different behaviour issues. Gained knowledge to tackle different issues in the classroom".


"A number of strategies to help with some behaviour issues".


"Better understanding about how to manage behaviour".


"Loved how Jay got us involved – hands on doing the case study. Really enjoyed his behaviour session".


"Understanding behaviour was informative & enjoyed the self-esteem talk".


"A lot of insight & understanding into both unwanted persistent behaviour – key – not to manage but rather function (why) behaviour".


"A better understanding of how to manage and most of all prevent challenging behaviour".


"Learnt some new skills on how to manage student behaviours".


"Realize that we need to think about our response to the behaviour so it doesn’t escalate".


"When working with students have more awareness and understanding when met with challenging behaviours".

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