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Alcohol Use and Co-existing Disorders: Chicken or the Egg?

People with alcohol use disorders often present with co-existing mental health issues - typically depression and/or anxiety.

But, what should be treated first?

FREE 30 Minute Education Session in Your Practice

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the relationship between alcohol and mental health

  • Understanding what to do if your patient does not want to stop drinking

  • What to do if your patient presents to your practice in withdrawal

  • Evidence based guidelines for an ambulatory managed withdrawal

  • Knowing when a patient should be referred for an inpatient managed withdrawal and what the patient can do right now

  • Medications for alcohol use disorders

  • Evidence based psychological interventions


Brief Profile – Jay Beckley, Psychologist

  • I have been working in mental health since 2006.

  • Since 2010 I have been working clinically with people with mild to severe substance use disorders and co-existing mental health issues.

  • I have worked in inpatient mental health and forensic hospitals, prisons, and community settings.

  • I also have an interest in working with people with chronic pain.


Qualifications and Credentials

  • Master of Educational Psychology (Honours), Grad. Diploma Arts (Psych) Bachelor of Health Science.

  • I’m a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. 

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