Struggling with University Study?

Is your workload making you feel overwhelmed, depressed and/or anxious? Are you not coping well? Are you feeling isolated and have limited or no support?


Having completed seven years of fulltime time university study,

I can relate to what you are going through


In a lot of cases, it's not as bad as you think, students just get stuck!

MY GOAL: to understand the origin of what is preventing you from moving forward. This is achieved by having meaningful, compassionate and productive discussions with you. I will provide with the right strategies that you can employ in the moment to help make your university experience and personal life more enjoyable.

THE COST: This service is Bulk Billed, therefore there is no cost if you have a current and valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP.

THE CONDITIONS: You must have a current and valid Mental Health Care Plan, you must have a current and valid student identification, you must be currently enrolled and studying fulltime at University or Tafe. 

Jay Beckley, MEdPsych(Hons) MAPS

Psychologist, Sunshine Coast

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