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As Applied Psychology is a shared business and residence, myself and all family members are fully vaccinated. As a number of clients come and go throughout the day, it is important that all parties are responsible for taking relevant precautions to minimize exposure to COVID-19, and keep everyone safe (yourself, myself, other staff, other patients, our families, and our broader community). 

Therefore, the following applies before attending all face-to-face appointments:

- For your peace of mind, the room will be thoroughly sanitised before entering. 

- Clients should not attend if they are feeling unwell on the day of the appointment.

- Clients are to have no symptoms of COVID-19 such as sore throat, fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath, runny nose.

Telehealth - Phone or Video

If, for whatever reason you can’t meet the above requirements, an appointment can be made via video or phone. Based on research and personal experience, Telehealth has demonstrated be as effective as face to face sessions for psychological support - to see the research - CLICK HERE.

I have systems in place to make video telehealth straight forward, you will not have to download anything. 

These processes will be regularly reviewed and changed to reflect the level of risk over time.


Thank you for your understanding.  

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