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My fee is significantly lower than what is recommended by the Australian Psychology Society which is $254.00 per hour.


My fee is $160.00. If you have a current and valid Mental Health Care Plan, the Medicare rebate that you will receive is $93.35. The gap is $66.65.   

How are fees paid? Before your appointment, you will complete a brief intake using secure forms through my practice software called Halaxy. Your debit/credit card details will also be captured using the secure intake form. On your file, only the last four numbers are visible. Your fee and rebate will be processed immediately after your appointment in your presence. 

Fees Paid by Third Parties

If your fee is paid by a third party, (i.e. Workcover, EAP Provider, Insurance Provider), it is charged at a pre-negotiated rate or at Australian Psychological Society recommended rates and is paid directly by the third party. 

Cancellation Policy

A late cancelled appointment is a loss to three people:

  • You for potentially delaying momentum of the treatment process and your progress.

  • Another client who needs to see a psychologist - possibly urgently.

  • The psychologist who spent time preparing your session.


As you can understand it is nearly impossible to book a new client at very short notice, and if several clients cancel in one day then the psychologist loses a large amount of their income. 

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment time, 50% of your fee will be charged. 

Bulk Billing

I do not offer Bulk Billing. If my fee is unaffordable, please contact me as there could be other options to help you to access support. 



Medicare allows you to claim rebates for between 10 and 20 sessions per calendar years provided you have a current and valid Mental Health Care plan for your GP or a referral from your psychiatrist. Medicare rebates are not available for cognitive or behavioural assessments.


More information about psychological services through Medicare can be found HERE.


Private Health Insurance

Applied Psychology is registered with the major private health insurance organisations. Please check with your insurer as to your eligibility. 


Work Cover

Applied Psychology is a Work Cover provider.

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