I have extensive experience treating people with mild to severe alcohol and/or drug issues who use alcohol, methamphetamine, cannabis and prescription medication such as benzodiazepines and opioids. 

For alcohol and/or drug issues, I take a harm reduction approach. I recognise that everyone has different goals. Some people want to continue drinking and using drugs. My goal is to help reduce the impact substances are having on you socially, mentally, financially, legally and on your family and physical health. 


When it comes to alcohol and drug use (also known as substance use), everyone has different goals. Some want to reduce their consumption, some want to stop, some NEED to stop. Whatever the goal, I tailor a treatment plan to meet your goals.

Changes to your alcohol and/or drug use needs to be treated very seriously. There can be significant medical complications associated with tolerance and withdrawal. Therefore it is important you see a clinician that understand these risks. 

Substance use disorders can be mild, moderate or severe. A person that has a mild substance use disorder might use occasionally, but frequently and harmfully. Even a mild substance use disorder can be problematic and needs to be treated.

Most problematic alcohol and drug use is related to an underlying issue. The consensus in the alcohol and drug treatment world is that in most cases the substance use needs to be treated before the underlying issues are addressed. For example, if you are prone to depression and you drink alcohol or take opioids – which are central nervous system depressants, then depression can be difficult to treat.


My goal is to address the factors that contribute to your alcohol and/or drug use. We work together to understand the origin of your substance use and understand factors that trigger and maintain it. Most importantly, we will find the right strategies that you can employ in the moment to prevent alcohol and/or use having an impact on your life and to ultimately increase the quality of your life.

​Having Legal Difficulties Related to Substance Use?

Popular with judges, lawyers and clients has been my six module one on one AOD psychoeducation program. The contents of the program include:

  • Module 1: The nature of addiction, the relationship with mental health. Brief intervention: Craving and urge management.

  • Module 2: How substances affect judgement, the relationship with impaired driving and aggressive behaviour.

  • Module 3: Identifying and managing triggers and high-risk situations. Identifying and managing negative thoughts and emotions.

  • Module 4: Minimising harm through safe and responsible substance use. Lapse management and effective support systems.

  • Module 5: Repairing relationships, healthy relationships, and assertive communication.

  • Module 6: Looking to the future: effective goal setting and problem solving.

Why Me?

If seeking support for alcohol and/or drug issues is also a priority, coming to a private psychologist for substance use issues offers the following benefits:

  • Privacy and Confidentiality – your information is between you and me only, not a large organisation.

  • Fast Appointment Times – I expect to see you within two weeks – possibly within a week.

  • Assessment Reports – if required, I will have a written report sent to you within two weeks.

  • Holistic Approach – I like to understand the relationship between mental health issues and substance use and all the factors that contribute to them.