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On Track
Alcohol and Drug Relapse Prevention Program

On Track relapse prevention program is based on Marlatt and Gordon's evidence based relapse prevention model. The content covers the most common factors that contribute to a lapse/relapse including mental health issues. Therefore, the aim of On Track is to provide strategies and tools to manage mental health issues and previous problematic substance use to help prevent a lapse or relapse. 

Who Should Attend On Track?: People that have a mental health difficand have copped by using alcohol and/or drugs.

Having Legal Difficulties?: Based on experience, A&D psychoeducation programs like On Track have been very beneficial for clients and lawyers in court.   

Number of Sessions: On Track consists of an initial one hour assessment followed by six one hour sessions. The frequency can be negotiated.  

Topics Covered:

  • Week 1: Introductions, the nature of addiction, the relationship with mental health, craving and urge management

  • Week 2: Identifying and managing triggers and high risk situations

  • Week 3: Identifying and managing negative thoughts and emotions

  • Week 4: Healthy relationships and assertive communication

  • Week 5: Lapse management and support systems

  • Week 6: Looking to the future: effective goal setting and problem solving

Cost: The cost is $150.00 per session. If you have mental health issues and are eligible for a mental health care plan, the rebate is $92.90 therefore you are only out of pocket by $57.10.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Drug Types do you Cover? The focus of On Track is on the factors that have contributed to your alcohol and/or drug use. For example, there is a relationship between depression, anxiety and stress and using substances to cope. To a certain extent, It doesn't matter if it was alcohol, methamphetamine, opioids, or caffeine that was used to cope, it is about fully understanding what has contributed to your substance use and the affects the substance has had on your life.

Is On Track Private and Confidential? Yes, absolutely. However, if information is to be shared, it will be with your informed consent. 

Can I Attend if I'm Still Using? Yes, provided you don't attend under the influence.  

Do I get a Certificate? Yes, you will receive a letter of completion which will highlight the sessions completed and key content specific to you. 

Registration: Please fill out the form below. 

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