On Track

Relapse Prevention Program

On Track relapse prevention group is based on Marlatt and Gordon's evidence based relapse prevention model. The content covers the most common factors that contribute to a lapse/relapse including mental health issues. Therefore, the aim of On Track is to provide strategies and tools to manage mental health issues and previous problematic substance use to prevent a lapse or relapse. 

Who Should Attend On Track: People that have a mental health diagnosis and previously had an alcohol and/or drug problem.  

Number of Sessions: On Track consists of one hour weekly group sessions for six weeks. 

Topics Covered:

  • Module 1: The nature of addiction, the relationship with mental health. Brief intervention: Craving and urge management.

  • Module 2: How substances affect judgement, the relationship with impaired driving and aggressive behaviour.

  • Module 3: Identifying and managing triggers and high-risk situations. Identifying and managing negative thoughts and emotions.

  • Module 4: Minimising harm through safe and responsible substance use. Lapse management and effective support systems.

  • Module 5: Repairing relationships, healthy relationships, and assertive communication.

  • Module 6: Looking to the future: effective goal setting and problem solving.

Cost: Affordable!

Number of Participants: On Track is restricted to no more than 10 participants to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate. 


When and Where is the Next On Track: TBA

Materials: All supplied. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Drug Types do you Cover? The focus of On Track is on the factors that have contributed to your alcohol and/or drug use. For example, there is a relationship between being depressed or anxious and you used alcohol and/or drugs to cope. It doesn't matter if alcohol, methamphetamine, opioids, or caffeine has been problematic in your life, it is about understanding what has contributed to your substance use and the affects the substance has had on your life.

Is On Track Private and Confidential? Yes, absolutely. Every participant will have to sign a consent form to participate which stipulates your rights to privacy and confidentiality. It is expected every participant will comply and respect your rights. 

Do I have to Disclose Anything? No, but as the saying goes, "you get out what you put in".  

Can I Attend if I'm Still Using? Yes, provided you have abstained from your primary drug of concern and you do not attend under the influence and you do not promote the use of your substance. 

Can I Miss Sessions? Yes, but if you miss more than one, the material will not make sense as every session is linked to the next. 

Do I get a Certificate? Yes, if requested. The certificate will highlight the sessions completed. 

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