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Online Gaming: My homework isn’t due for another Fortnite

Online gaming has become a normal aspect of childhood, with estimates of 90% to 97% of children and adolescents playing video games up to eleven hours per day. The long term social and mental health risks associated with online gaming are now well established. However, some studies report that online gaming has several positive benefits.

So, what are the facts?


In 90-minutes I am going to:

  • Help you to understand why your child plays video games.

  • Help you identify if gaming is problematic or is becoming problematic.

  • Provide you with strategies to reduce your child’s gaming.

The Details:


Attendees: Limited to 15 people so time can spent on having meaningful and solution-focused discussions. 


TIME: 5:30pm - 7:00pm



Cost: $79.00 each.

About Jay Beckley MEdPsych(Hons), MAPS, Psychologist


I am a registered psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. I have over twelve years of experience in mental health, addictions and special education. I have a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and I've undergone advanced training in behavioural and psychological assessment and intervention. I currently work in private practice in Maroochydore. I'm very passionate about supporting adults, adolescents and their loved ones with mental health and addiction issues. 

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