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I provide a safe environment for motivated adults who experience mild to moderate mental health symptoms for most common psychological issues including:


Services I Do Not Provide

At this stage, I do not provide treatment for children. I only see clients over 18. 

I do not work with people who are experiencing severe mental health and/or behavioural difficulties or eating disorders. I do not work with people that require multidisciplinary support including an Acute Care Team, or have recently been discharged from hospital or is currently considering inpatient admission.

I do not provide counselling to people that are coerced or are mandated to attend by a friend, loved one, or a third party (such as Corrective Services) and the appointment has been made on behalf of them.  

Although I work with relationship issues, I do not provide couples counselling. I do not work with people who are currently going through a separation, where there is domestic violence, and child custody disputes. Please contact DV Connect for support.

I do not provide an after hours service. I also do not provide an emergency or crisis service. If you are experiencing an emergency or crisis, please click here for some options.

I do not provide independent assessments or medico-legal reports for the purposes of third-party insurance matters or legal issues.

I do not provide psychometric assessments, or assessments for ADHD/Autism, forensic or family law court assessments.


Unless legally required, I do not provide reports, letters, or other evidence or testimony for the use in any civil, family, administrative or criminal matters. Outside of meeting mandatory legal obligations, any request to provide supporting documentation for any legal action that you may be involved in will be respectfully declined.

I am not NDIS registered. 

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